Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour Full Body $90 | 1.5 hours Full Body $119

Pregnancy massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing during pregnancy and is perfectly safe in the first trimester. Pregnancy is a constant state of change and a well supported mum will have a wonderful journey into motherhood. Regular pregnancy massage helps to support the many changes occurring from week to week, allowing the body to adapt through the pregnancy. Focusing on the mother baby connection creating a warm, safe, secure, nurturing environment where mum can rest, relax and recharge. The experience assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy, reduces fetal stress levels and supports a healthy in utero environment

1 Hour Full Body $90 | 1.5 hours Full Body $119

During the second trimester, massage will support the growing body of both mum and baby, aid in circulation of blood and oxygen, remove harmful toxins, support the skin and ease aches and pains . Regular massage at this time is a great preventative tool to some of the later discomforts of pregnancy such as oedema and joint stiffness. The experience will relieve common discomforts and will support the mind body and spirit as it undertakes changes in the developing pregnancy.

1 Hour Full Body $90 | 1.5 hours Full Body $119

Regular monthly massage will give you great support during these final months. As the pregnancy starts to advance it is common to start experiencing tightness of the hips, ribs and shoulders and an increase in fluid retention. Pregnancy massage is very supportive during this time to decrease muscle tension, restore postural balance, normalise joint range of motion and bring nutrients to tissue. This experience will leave you feeling light, mobile, and refreshed.

1.5 hours Full Body $119

Supporting the body and mind in the last 3 weeks will have mum to be feeling relaxed and empowered as she approaches labour and beyond. This is such an important time and massage helps reduce maternal tension stress and anxieties and prepare the body for a better birth outcome.. The treatment will reduce swelling, ease varicose veins, normalise blood pressure and reduce aches and pains. With the support of a caring therapist specialised massage and aromatherapy and reflexology we can ease the body from pregnancy to labour in a gentle nurturing way and get things moving.