REWIND Anti-Aging Package


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All the Anti-aging products you need for youthful radiant skin!! 5 Beautiful products, Cleanser, exfoliating scrub/mask, Eye serum, Moisturiser and Lip Therapy! Bringing you luscious healthy make up free skin.


Jam packed with high quality natural ingredients and formulas to bring you youthful healthy skin!! This pack contains everything you need to care for your skin from start to finish:

Cleanser- Melts away makeup and nourishes your skin with an perfect combination of hydrating natural oils, preparing it for your next product.

Exfoliating scrub/Mask- With the amazing hydrating benefits of Australian clays, Organic Coffee, brightening rice,  Alpha hydroxy acids to melt away dead skin cells and beautiful essential oils to correct cells and clear the mind. You will love your once a week date with this one.

Eye Serum- Say goodbye to puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles with this magic synergy of hydrating plant oils, herbs and correcting essential oils. Can be used as an all over face serum to give you a plumping boost under your moisturiser.

Moisturiser-Packed with an array of vitamins and a huge punch of vitamin C this ultra brightening and nourishing moistening cream will feed your skin with everything it needs.

Lip therapy- Don’t forget about your lips this refreshing lip balm will not only give you lush soft lips but will also stimulate them to plump and boost your immune system at the same time…Yum!

3 reviews for REWIND Anti-Aging Package

  1. Sonia

    I have used this range for over two years and love the difference these products have made to my skin will never use anything else

  2. Maryam

    I have extremely sensitive skin, the products on the market have a long list of ingredients & most of them I don’t even know what they are. I’ve been using these products since January 2019 and have noticed my skin looking brighter, more hydrated & the sun/age spots on my face have cleared up, not to mention the compliments I’ve received from people noticing and saying I look ‘vibrant’. I’ve only TSmith Wellness to thank for how great I look on the outside making me feel great about myself on the inside.

  3. Yvonne

    My skin has changed so much since I’ve used this product, it looks so good now and I feel really good. Thankyou!

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Available on backorder

or 4 fortnightly payments of $24.75 with Afterpay More info